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DAIKIN FDYAN160A-CY 15.5kW Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System | 3 Phase

DAIKIN FDYAN160A-CY 15.5kW Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner System | 3 Phase

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DAIKIN FDYAN160A-CY 16kW Inverter Ducted System | Back lit Controller | 3 Phase

Inverter Ducted Technology | R32 New Model

Indoor : FDYAN160AV1
Outdoor : RZA160CY1

Available Controllers:
BRC1E63          – Standard Nav Ease Controller
BRC230Z4B9 – Up to 4 Zones (230-240v)
BRC230Z8B9 – Up to 8 Zones (230-240v)
BRC24Z4B9   – Up to 4 Zones (24v)
BRC24Z8B9   – Up to 8 Zones (24v)

15.5 kW Cooling
18.0 kW Heating


Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 15.5
Heat (kW) 18.0
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 7.3-16.3
Heat (kW) 7.3-18.2
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 4.95
Heat (kW) 4.90
E.E.R/C.O.P C/H 3.13/3.67
TCSPF (Residential) Hot/Average/ Cold 4.05/3.76/3.87
HSPF (Residential) Hot/Average/ Cold 3.87/3.53/3.12
Airflow Rate  (Nominal/Max) l/s 950/1120
Indoor Sound Level (H) @ 1.5m dBA (C/H) 47.9/50.7
Piping Length m 50
Indoor Fan Speeds H/M/L
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 360x1520x935
Outdoor (mm) 1430x940x320
Weight Indoor (kg) 56
Outdoor (kg) 99
Power Supply V/Hz 3 Phase, 380-415V, 50Hz
Compressor Type Hermetically Sealed Swing Type
Refrigerant R32
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm) 9.5 (Flare)
Gas (mm) 15.9 (Flare)
Drain (mm) ID 25/OD 32
Supply Air Opening mm (HxW, Flange) 245×1152
Return Air Opening mm 2×400 (Oval)
Outdoor Operating Range Cool (°CDB) -5 to 46
Heat (°CWB) -15 to 16
EPA Sound Power Level dBA 75
Outdoor Sound Level (H) @ 1m Pressure dBA (C/H) 56/58



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