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Gree FGR20Pd/DNa-X | 20.0kW Inverter Ducted System | 3 Phase

Gree FGR20Pd/DNa-X | 20.0kW Inverter Ducted System | 3 Phase

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Gree FGR20Pd/DNa-X / FGR20Pd/DNa-X 20kW Inverter Ducted System | 3 Phase

Adjustable ESP

Indoor units on the Gree Ducted Air Conditioning System all come with adjustable static pressure that can be adjusted on the controller during commissioning to ensure the best air flow and maximum comfort. There are 9 steps ranging from 10 to 200pa.

Superb Comfort Options

The Gree Ducted system comes with several features for greater user comfort. The “I-Feel” mode on the controller allows for accurate temperature sensing around the user. The user can select between this and the return air sensor in the unit to control the operation the air conditioner, therefore selecting the best degree of comfort. Gree Ducted Systems also have the ability to operate using dual controllers, i.e. one controller positioned in the living area and one in the master bedroom, thus providing convenient AC control.

Also Available

The new Gree Zone Control allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms from one central controller. For a quick and easy installation, Gree can supply duct kits (page 15) that include ducts, dampers and diffusers.

Compact and powerful, the Gree Ducted System offer the ultimate in flexibility and discretion.

These slim indoor units are designed to be concealed above suspended ceilings or within open closet spaces to deliver conditioned air via ducting and suitable ceiling or wall grilles.





Part Number AC5720-I/O
Cooling Capacity (range) kW 20(10~25)
Heating Capacity (range) kW 22.4(10~30)
Cooling Power Input kW 6.06
Heating Power Input kW 6.00
AEER W/W 3.16
ACOP W/W 3.96
Air Flow Volume(Max) L/sec 1222
Static Pressure (adjustable) Pa 0~250
SPL Indoor dB (A) 53
SPL Outdoor dB (A) 60
Power Supply 380~415 / 50Hz / 3ph – Outdoor
Recommended Circuit Breaker A 32
Cooling / Heating A 11.2 / 12.3
Indoor Power supply 230V 2 Core plus earth (3 cores)
Control Wiring 2 Core non polar
Wired Controller XK46
Dimensions and Weights
Indoor Dimension (W×H×D) mm 1690x440x870
Indoor Net Weight kg 110
Outdoor Dimension (W×H×D) mm 940x1615x460
Outdoor Net Weight kg 155
Operating Temp Range (Cool) OC -7~48
Operating Temp Range (Heat) OC -20~24
Refrigerant R410a
Refrigerant Charge kg 6.7
Pre-charged pipe length m 5
Gas Additional Charge g/m 54
Pipe Connections (Brazed) mm 9.52 / 19.05
Max Pipe Height m 30
Max Pipe Length m 50
Condensate drain outlet mm 30
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